NanoStudio Update Coming To Mac, Windows

Blip Interactive has announced that an update to the virtual studio NanoStudio is coming to Mac & WIndows and is now available in ‘alpha’ testing (not ready for prime time).

Here are the details:

You can download them from here:

Download NanoStudio V1.3 alpha-1 for Windows
Download NanoStudio V1.3 alpha-2 for OS X * Please read the notes in the second post (below)

The setup will install three shortcuts:

– NanoStudio
– NanoStudio Phone
– NanoStudio Tablet

The first one is the one you will normally want to run for ‘everyday’ use on your computer. It uses smaller graphics and a layout best suited to mouse operation.

The other two shortcuts will run NanoStudio in a mode which is representative of the phone and tablet versions. Although the window will start off at the same size as the respective device (either 480×320 or 1024×768), you are still free to resize it within certain limits.

This is an alpha version so there’s still plenty of testing and some further work to be done. The main reason for putting it out there now is to give everyone a chance to try it out. I hope this will result in some useful feedback and maybe help me spot a bug or two.

The project format is unchanged from V1.21 to you can use this instead of (or alongside) V1.21 without issues.

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    1. was about to say that as well. Nanostudio has been available (for testing purposes mainly I guess) since the very beginning… having a desktop version is a great way to evaluate the app.

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