Animoog + Novation Launchpad + Ableton Live

This video demonstrates how you can work Moog Animoog into a Ableton Live workflow.

Here’s what AbletonCookbook has to say about the demo:

I used the Launchpad to quickly arm and launch new clips that I am recording the Animoog into. When I use a setup like this, where I am using one instrument (be it a synthesizer or an iPad app) to record into mulitple tracks, I like to map the bottom row of the Launchpad to the record-arm buttons of individual tracks. Remember that the default mapping of the Launchpad can be overridden with conventional MIDI mappings. This way, you can keep the whole affair on one page.

Make sure that your record arming is set to Exclusive in the Preferences. This will make it so that only one track can be armed at once. This way, with one button, you can decide which track the instrument is going to.

4 thoughts on “Animoog + Novation Launchpad + Ableton Live

  1. Thanks for the video, I’m wanting to do something like this myself. Quick question, does anyone know if Animoog will show as a VSTI in Ableton just by plugging it in to my laptop using the camera connection kit? If not, does anyone know how this is done?

  2. I’m really new to ableton and midi. I have a korg nanokey midi keyboard and was told it works with the animoog in ableton live. I have no idea how to set this up. Could you help me out at all? thanks a lot.

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