iPad Music Show, Episode 2

Nick Batt & Gaz Williams are back with another ‘pilot’ episode for the iPad Music Show.

Items covered include:

  • Hardware
    • Apple Camera Connection Kit
    • Alternative USB kit
    • Dock Extender
    • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer
    • Yamaha i-MX1
  • Apps:
    • Accordéon
    • Set List Organizer
    • Keyboard Arp & Drum Pads
    • ThumbJam

They’re looking for ideas for better names for the show – so if you’ve got an idea, let them know!

via SonicState

6 thoughts on “iPad Music Show, Episode 2

  1. thumbJam is pretty epic. Just bought it. The midi write feature letting you sing into it and writing snap to notes in midi is amazing. You can’t even do that in Logic without major workarounds!

  2. No disrespect.
    What crap software! I pad are fetish item. the screen isn’t even touch sensitive. My korg z1 has a velocity sensitive x y pad and its 12 years old!!!!

    1. The 2 inches single point touchscreen on the Z1 is velocity sensitive? I would hope so on a 2000$ synth. My Korg Kaosspad 3 and Kaossilator are not velocity either, does it means they’re crap?

      You can get very expressive sounds with the gyroscope or the audio input in Thumjam for velocity/aftertouch effects, it can also sample, create multiple loops and it fits in my pockets. Can you do all that with your Z1?

      There’s also other apps like iGOG that are velocity sensitive, using the built-in mic and the gyroscope it knows how hard you are pressing on the touchscreen. I hope Thumbjam integrates such features someday.

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