Jeremy Ellis Melts Faces On A Twin Maschine Rig

We normally wait until Sunday so share the synth jams – but this routine was too hot to wait.

Controllerist Jeremy Ellis performs a routine on a twin Maschine rig, featuring Native Instruments’ Maschine, Maschine Mikro and some funky samples.

What do you think – hot or not?

via djcity


10 thoughts on “Jeremy Ellis Melts Faces On A Twin Maschine Rig

  1. Oh, definitely hot! I didn’t find the jam boring at all. Nice funky sound.

    I should train more playing live with the Maschine. It would be really cool to be able to pull off at least some kind of a live playing performance instead of just switching scenes.

  2. The guy has massive chops, but here’s the sad thing…. if you can’t see him his music is absolutely indistinguishable from anyone else’s (and in fact, I found this track to be really annoying). I would love to see someone with this level of performance talent do something other than just trigger the same samples as everyone else, only more rapidly.

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