NanoStudio Updated With iPad Support & More


Blip Interactive has announced a big update to NanoStudio, adding iPad support and more.

Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.3 (Universal):


  • Universal iPad version
  • Free desktop version now supports window sizing
  • Added extra musical scales to keyboard
  • Increased size limit for a single sample to 32MB
  • Ability to slide the keyboard by fractions of a note
  • Mixer mute/solo
  • Improved bottom range of mixer volume faders
  • Double tap on mixer channel title to go to instrument
  • Double tap on ‘centre zero’ knobs to return to centre
  • Added ability to tap song position on status bar to toggle between bars and hours/minutes
  • Added indicator to main menu to show the last selected instrument
  • Update to latest Akai SynthStation library
  • Added ‘Mix audio with other apps’ option to allow iTunes music background play (iOS)
  • Added buffer latency settings (iOS)
  • Automatic normalization is now optional after sampling or resampling
  • Added an ‘add effect’ button to empty effects slots
  • Changed TRG behaviour to allow drags across pads
  • Added load/save effects chain to the effects select dialogue
  • Song editor – vertical zoom
  • Song editor – mute/solo buttons can be swiped vertically
  • Song editor – added MIDI activity indicators to each track
  • Song editor – parts on muted tracks are shown in grey
  • MIDI file and .nsp file export dialogues now have a ‘show file’ button (Windows/OS X)


  • Buzzing sound on Eden ring mod when phase was non-zero
  • TRG-16’s ‘auto BPM’ function was sometimes inaccurate
  • Possible fix for OS X not enumerating some MIDI input devices
Note: NanoStudio 1.3 has been submitted but isn’t showing up as of this post in the App Store.

10 thoughts on “NanoStudio Updated With iPad Support & More

  1. BIG update, makes the workflow worlds quicker, and it was already quick. I’ve been playing with the desktop version for about a week and it’s a lot of fun. Especially mute/soloing and navigation to/from the mixer is a breeze now.

  2. I was hoping the price would have updated as well. Not that it isn’t good value as it is, but I was waiting for the extreme iStore value.

  3. yeah i knew why i didnt bought that ripoff beatmaker2 ๐Ÿ™‚

    what would be cool now is the abiltiy to synchstart via korg wist technologie, to use it with rebirth.

    now someone get me ims20 and i have all i ever wanted ๐Ÿ™‚

    ah and btw : apple! where is the update?

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