Free iOS App, FreEWI, Does Live MIDI Mapping

Audeonic has released FreEWI – a free inline MIDI event mapper of iOS.

FreEWI lets you map MIDI events between apps. For mapping to/from external MIDI interfaces (or CoreMIDI network), a MidiBridge is required.

Using FreEWI inline in a MIDI event stream, events can be processed as follows:

  • Remap incoming MIDI channels to a different channel
  • Remap incoming controller messages to a different controller
  • Translate incoming controller messages to channel pressure (aftertouch)
  • Remap incoming program change messages to a different number
  • Transpose incoming note events up or down

Although primarily designed for use with MidiBridge, FreEWI can be used with other apps that have CoreMIDI virtual support. In order for another app to be compatible, the following applies:

  • Generating app must be able to write to FreEWI’s virtual MIDI port.
  • Receiving app must be able to read from FreEWI’s virtual MIDI port
  • Generator and receiver can be same app

FreEWI supports fast switching to and from MidiBridge, so you can fast-switch/launch MidiBridge from FreEWI and vice-versa. Other OMAC apps that support fast-switching will also be able to fast-switch to FreEWI.

FreEWI does add a small amount of latency which varies depending upon the speed of the device and how busy the device is. Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iOS 4.2 or greater.

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