Mixtikl 5 Adds MIDI Export, Visualizer & More

Intermorphic has updated Mixtikl, its multi-platform generative music app, adding MIDI export, a visualizer screen and more.

It is now easier to create new mixes, and you can now also include short messages / poems / haikus in your mixtikls, as well as options on how you want the new visualiser screen to display them.

A new kind of track rule means you can create tap-play parts for the visualiser, too.

Here’s what’s new in Mixtikl 5:

  • New Visualiser Screen:
    • Shows note sensitive visualisation, text and allows tap-play
    • Tap top left for Main Menu or tap/hold to create new random mix
    • Shake to create new random mix
    • To configure operation go to Message & Vis Display Settings screen via top right button, or tap/hold to go to Mixer screen.
  • New Message & Visualiser Display settings:
    • Top menu bar with several tap & tap/hold shortcuts (on some) buttons
    • Open button: Tap to open list of previously saved files, tap/hold to search online for tweeted mixtikls
    • Message button: Tap to copy your mixtikl to clipboard for e.g. tweeting, tap/hold to paste your mixtikl into a new email ready for sending
    • Save button: Tap to save your mixtikl file locally, tap/hold to access the Mix Preview/Recording screen
    • Play/Stop button
    • Display Text Checkbox: If checked, display text in the visualiser
    • Text Box to enter up to 140 characters of your own text
      • Import/Export Buttons: Import/Export text from the clipboard
      • Clear Button: Clear the text field
    • Display Mode Radio Buttons:
      • Message: Display words in a block as an on-screen message
      • Words: Display words one at a time through display events
    • Word Xtras:
      • Extra Message Tap Words: Display floating text in addition to your message
      • Jumbled: Display words in a random order / jumbled up
      • Wordbank: Also include words from the Mixtikl word pool
    • Display Events:
      • Music / Taps: Allow music engine / tap events to drive the vis, shapes or text highlighting
    • Tap Play:
    • Auto: Let Mixtikl play the tap part for you!
    • Default button:
      • Saves current settings as defaults for new mixes
    • Visualiser List: Choose one from the list visualizers available
    • Shapes List: Choose a note shape from one of those available
  • Mixer Screen:
    • Added a new visual “Tap” track rule which can be used on multiple tracks (concurrently, too!); when set & you are in the visualiser screen, a tap will play the current active cell in that track, a tap/drag will change the pitch.
    • Global volume control moved to Main Menu screen
  • Audio / MIDI:
    • Added MIDI File Record option in the mix recording dialog (to export use iTunes App File Transfer or copy to Apple General Clipboard)
    • Delay unit can now be synched to BPM (c.f. LFO BPM sync)
    • Added support to attach audio / MIDI recordings to email
    • Improved audio smoothness when adjusting track pan position
    • Much reduced audio latency
  • Other:
    • Better random mixes with Pak content filter in New Mix screen
    • Improved graphics for better display on iPad
    • Improved layout of Main Menu with global volume slider & direct link to Preview/Mix Recording screen
    • Built-in Liptikl run time engine, used in places for word display
    • Much smaller installs
    • Rounded corners for frames & boxes
    • Better padding of text elements & text in lists
    • See website for where mixes/files transferred to desktop computer now need to be placed

Note: Mixtikl 5 for iOS is for iOS 5+ only. iOS 3.x or iOS 4.x users: If you wish to continue using an earlier version of Mixtikl and cannot update your device to iOS 5, then you should not delete it from your device or from iTunes.

See the Intermorphic site for more details and demos.

If you’ve used Mixtikl 5, let us know what you think of the update!

2 thoughts on “Mixtikl 5 Adds MIDI Export, Visualizer & More

  1. Could this work like a Karma? Can you transpose the pattern in real time? What is the latency? 10+ for the modular synth, I want a modular synth for iOS!

  2. this program is great for drones! the sound might be too distinctive and requires some tweaking for individuality. also many tunes may seem too similar. HOWEVER, there’s a lot of creativity to be explored here…and for some reason, this thing is addictive 😉

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