Grandma & Grandpa Love + Hate Dubstep

Thanks to The Horrorist, Oliver Chesler, and the magic of the Internet, we now know that there’s a whole genre of YouTube videos devoted to Grandma and Grandma reacting to dubstep. And we’ll never get that half hour back.

Exhibit A, above: Dubstep Grandpa. Best YouTube comment, “This frightened me a little, but i may or may not want to party with him.”

Exhibit B, Grandpa and Grandma react to dubstep:

“Not to be nasty,” sez Grandpa Al, “but is that considered music?”

Exhibit C, below: Hasan Baba gets down to Komonazmuk:

Exhibit D, Grandma Dancing To Dubstep, aka, Grandma takes a moment out from eating pie to bust some moves:

We’re not sure if this is strictly dubstep. But we’re not ashamed to say that we’re pretty much down for partying with Grandma any day of the week. Especially if she’s got pie.

8 thoughts on “Grandma & Grandpa Love + Hate Dubstep

  1. Awesome! Thank you for this post! I cant quit laughing at the part when exhibit C kicks his leg over the child! He and exhibit D need to pair up and go on “America’s Best Dance Crew”.

  2. I’ve obviously been away from the EDM scene for too long! I didn’t realise this ‘new’ genre of EDM existed until recently. I also didn’t realise that if you apply some crazy sound mangling effect to a piece of music you have now invented a whole new musical genre? Wow! It’s that easy?

    Bubwub ba ba wub wub wub ba ba bloooooorp!

    What’s worse is people actually buy this sh1te?

      1. I am serious! I have heard this style of track in adverts / movie trailers etc, where i think it actually works quite well, but i wouldnt have classed it all in a genre of its own, or something to sit back and listen to. Have I just heard some ‘bad’ dubstep tracks? Happy to check out the best of the ‘genre’ so point me in the right direction and I will listen with an open mind. Cheers.

  3. The wobble bass is one of the most annoying gimmicks since the Cher effect. Thinking of it, it is maybe MORE annoying than the Cher effect.

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