TouchViz Turns iPad 2 Into MIDI VJ System


Hexler has introduced TouchViz – a new app that turns an iPad 2 into a VJ system.


  • Import up to 125 videos into your set via iTunes File Sharing or from the iPad’s library
  • Playback and mix two channels of video with independent playback speed control
  • Display the output on an external screen or projector using any iPad-compatible video-out adapter
  • Use the iPad’s front and back-facing cameras as input to integrate live footage into your set
  • Apply one of 17 effect filters to each channel and the master output
  • Control effect parameters using the multi-touch enabled preview area
  • Preview the output in full-screen on the iPad
  • Save and load your set to recall, backup or transfer sets between iPads using iTunes File Sharing
  • Configure the interface layout to your preference
  • 10 demo clips by Hexler and Pixeldelay included
  • CoreMIDI support allows full control of TouchViZ wirelessly using OS X CoreMIDI Network sessions, using iPad MIDI interfaces such as iRig MIDI, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II, Yamaha i-MX1, or by connecting a compatible USB MIDI-controller using the iPad Camera Connection Kit
  • Open Sound Control support allows full control of TouchViZ over WiFi from any application that supports OSC such as Max/MSP, PureData, Max4Live, TouchOSC and others

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a video demo of this yet. Which seems pretty important for a VJ system.

TouchViz is $9.99 in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “TouchViz Turns iPad 2 Into MIDI VJ System

  1. Sounds like a very interesrting app, i am wondering if its A5 chip processing capabilities are up to par though. I love the idea, it is where the Ipad shines, no? Visuals visuals visuals..

  2. I dont own a ipad but i cant see how it could do output and hardware midi control at the same time?. Great that this application allow osc control over wifi

  3. min- the Apple HDMI dongle actually has a 30 pin pass through- it might be possible to hook the camera connection kit to that, and thus have both video out and midi in at the same time

    this video demo is pretty damn cool. definetly something i will try out.
    what’s up next for the ipad maybe video synthesis?
    i’m getting all giggly and excited.
    i will probably try using one of he animation programs on the ipad to make some videos then load them into this for the remixing 😉

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