Livkontrol – New Control App For Ableton Live


Reader Afonso Barbosa sends word about a new iPad control app for Ableton Live, Livkontrol.

According to the developers, Livkontrol is ‘made by two persons who share a deep passion by music, design, technology and usability,” Nuno Santos and Barbosa.


  • Optimized size, layout and interaction for iPad
  • Scrollable view for total scene access
  • Launch entire scene rows
  • Clip reflects color, name and play status
  • Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks
  • Control track and master volume in a intuite and space saving format
  • Special lock feature
  • Song play, stop and metronome control

You can preview Livkontrol below.

Livkontrol is currently available in the App Store $4.99 (Christmas Season Discount of 50%).

6 thoughts on “Livkontrol – New Control App For Ableton Live

  1. Yes, It is up.
    Apparently, LKBridge is *not* Windows compatible. This is not mentioned *anywhere* other than when you go to the download dropdown at
    I’m pissed.

  2. From Livkontrol support:
    It is indeed a fail from our part not to have that mentioned in app description.
    It was already added but it seems that is not propagated thru Apple servers yet.
    Windows version of LKBRIDGE is not yet available but its planned and under development.
    Please subscribe our newsletter to receive that new in first hand.
    Thanks for your comprehension
    With my best regards,

  3. Just received an email from LIVKONTROL support and the Windows version of LKBRIDGE is now available. BE SURE that you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and then install the .py files into MIDI control scripts. This app is KILLER!
    LIVKONTROL support are helpful and attentive.

  4. It keeps coming up saying a newer version of c++ has been detected on my machine every time I try to install on windows. What is wrong?

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