Free Combo Organ Virtual Instrument For Mac, Windows

Free Combo Organ

Martinic has released Combo Model F, a free virtual combo organ for Mac & Windows.


  • 4-octave C-to-C keyboard
  • Harmonic range 6 polyphonic octaves
  • 4 footage tabs: 16?, 8?, 4?, 2??
  • 3 treble voice tabs: Dolce, Principale, Strings
  • Multi-Tone Booster voice with All Booster tab
  • Knee lever control
  • Bass voice (grey keys)
  • Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth
  • Volume pedal
  • Adjustable tuning per note
  • Fully modelled (no samples inside)
  • Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, noise, filters, key contacts and key click
  • Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release
  • Fully automatable
It’s available in VST or AU format at the Martinic site.

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