Free Music Friday – An Album Of Spacemusic – Transmission

Transmission is a free 10-track album by Bernard Lampreia, aka Space Station, that is a combination of modern electronica / ambient / space and progressive music.

Space Station is a project, started in 2006 by Bernard Lampreia, a Portuguese based, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, concentrating on electronic, ambient space music and progressive rock styles

You can download the full album via the link above.

3 thoughts on “Free Music Friday – An Album Of Spacemusic – Transmission

  1. Wow, this album was incredible! i got really lost in it and truly went to other worlds in my mind that hadn’t been explored. the ample and chilling use of Noise based synths and rhythms really reach out at you. I played this album while playing Minecraft. while iIwas under the earth in the game digging and exploring through dark caverns the music added a whole new depth to the game. a feeling of unknown.

    A+ Synthtopia on getting this to us

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