New App, WaveShaper, Offers ‘Unique’ Approach To Sound Design

Developer Damien Di Fede has introduced WaveShaper – an audio synthesis app that lets you control a ‘unique sound generating algorithm using a large XY controller’.


  • white, pink, and red noise as a control source for the algorithm
  • two control points for controlling noise generation and location in the source audio
  • 8 preset slots for storing control point positions
  • touch-and-slide on the presets to scrub between them
  • includes over 20 audio files to use in the app
  • add your own audio files using the Documents folder in iTunes
  • ecord your performance and save the result to the Documents folder
  • share your recordings on SoundCloud from within the app

“Sound designers and electronic music producers are always on the look out for new noise makers to use for one-off special effects in our projects, but rarely do we come across something that feels like a one stop shop for all noise making needs,” says game audio designer Bobby Arlauskas.” Well, when I need noise for a sound design project, now I grab my iPad and load up WaveShaper.” –

WaveShaper is available now for $5.99 in the App Store.

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