Physynth For iPad Review

Reader Tim Webb (discchord) takes a look at Physynth, in this new video review.

Physynth uses a physics engine to trigger sounds using four simulators. In Physynth, you ‘charge’ physical objects with sound and collide them with other objects to trigger them.


  • Four-track Soundscaping.
  • Play with Realtime melody or rhythm over-dubbing.
  • Physics-triggered sample engine with user-adjustable parameters
  • Full mixing control including full stereo panning, volume and digital special effects.
  • Vintage hardware design with 3D tilt camera.
  • Melody-mode to allow the user to play Physynth instruments like a traditional keyboard or drum pad.

You can get Physynth in the App Store for $.99 (price as of this post.)

If you’ve used Physynth, let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Physynth For iPad Review

  1. well i think interesting things can me made here, these remarks look rather conventional to me, like they come from the kinda persons that like the sound of midifiles of yesterdays top 40’s played on their internal soundcards

    polyrhitmic is interesting, personly i think some subtility, but i am sure someone is ging to teach me different soon

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