iPhone MIDI Player Updated

iPhone MIDI playerDeveloper Garren Langford has released MIDI Player 3.

Many new features include Audio Track Recording (great for harmonies and solos), CoreMidi support, and Wifi synchronized multi-device playback. You can create your own lyrics display, or have Midi Player 3.0 show you the chords in chart or guitar format.

Here’s what’s new in MIDI Player 3:

  • Changes are Automatically Saved
    • Key/Tempo
    • Track Instrumentation
    • EQ/Reverb
    • Mix/Balance
    • Region Mix
  • CoreMidi Support
    • Audio Tracks
    • Microphone Recording
    • 16 Tracks
    • High Quality wav format
    • Region Definition
    • Mix and Balance
    • Quick Record Multiple Takes
  • Region Definition
    • Fade In/Out
    • Jump to next song in Playlist
    • Custom Mix for Region
    • Record Audio Tracks
    • Bounce Audio Tracks with Midi
    • Email Recorded Output
  • Song Import
    • iTunes Support
    • Email Attachment Support
    • Zip File Support
    • Built-in Browser
    • Improved Locator Service
    • Recently Played List
  • A New Look and Feel
    • Portrait Design
    • Landscape Design for live playback mode
    • Automatic Chart generation and display
    • Automatic Guitar Chord display
    • Note-On/Off Keys Display
    • Custom define display for any song
    • Pause or play-thru after song
  • Midi Rooms
    • Synchronized playback using multiple devices
    • Create/Join Room

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  1. I recently purchased this program and I am discovering more wonderful features. Keep up the work. I have added songs which I have downloaded from the internet but need to delete some but don’t find the path to doing so. Perhaps you can help me out, cheers Eddie

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