Sketch Synth 3D Now Available

Sketch Synth 3D is a new iOS app that’s designed to let you ‘draw sounds’ in 3D. 

To draw sounds in 3D you can use a touchpad, accelerometers and automated envelopes. This gives you control over the shapes that your sounds take on.

You can either use Sketch Synth’s sound engine to apply effects to samples (including wav files of your own as of the next release: version 1.0.1), or you can use it to output OSC or MIDI to your existing synths.

Sketch Synth can take input from a variety of devices using it’s OSC input, one Sketch Synth running on an iPad can control another Sketch Synth running on you main computer. You can even take input from a Kinect device using OSCeleton or OSCKinnection. As of version 1.0.1 we will add iPad 1 support, but performance with Kinect OSC input is poorer.

Sketch Synth 3D is $32.99 in the App Store.

9 thoughts on “Sketch Synth 3D Now Available

  1. If the apps good enough then who cares about the price, better buy one good product then buy 4 synths for £10 a piece and find they all sound like something out of the eighties

  2. Some of the Best synths sound like the “80’s” FYI

    If this is tne new standard for apps (limited, gimmicky, pricey, poor sound, silly looking gui), its time to sell my iPad. Now thats 2 $30 plus apps appear this week that looks and sounds like trash with no midi.

    1. I can understand what you say about 80’s sounds, but iPad remakes of old synths don’t do it for me. Sketch SYnth has Midi out, OSC input and Output, the GUI gives you a really simple view on a really extensive instrument. You can draw in 3D which is vital for communicating movement in soundscapes properly, 2D sounds bland in comparison, you can put your own samples into the sound engine or have it output Midi or output OSC into processing in order to do animated videos with it. It’s cutting edge compared to whats already out there, you are paying for tomorrows technology not yesterdays which is so often the case with iPad synth apps.

  3. So… looks like an XY Kaos style pad which is controlling two parameters, and you draw in a shape which is traced automatically to send controller data. Right? Then the “Y axis” he mentions is another lfo mapped to volume. Not a bad approach, but I’d like to see this as just a controller for like $.99. No need to bolt an average synth onto it.

  4. The number of people on this site who comment as if they are some kind of authority without actually knowing what it is??? it’s an XYZ style pad, the whole ethos of the system is that you draw soundscapes in 3D, starting with the internal synth (with Z mapped to volume) and then using midi or OSC outputs to control your $100+ desktop synthesizers (with the Z axis mapped to whatever you like). It’s giving you choices on the way you draw in 3D, whether you use accelerometers, envelopes or conduct using the kinect, and visual feedback on the drawing. XY pads and joysticks were used for 2d last century, it’s time to demand something more interesting from sound, and an instrument to draw this in 3D, rather than accepting 80s tech regurgitated on the iPad. If you want to pay $.99 for b rate remakes of 80s tech then do so, but now there are at least alternatives for people that want a new way to shape music

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