The Skrillex Holiday Lights

The Cadger Dubstep Christmas House – First Of The Year (Equinox) by Skrillex.

via yz85zak:

35,000 LED lights

64 Light O Rama channels

All done by me, a 16 year old, and my dad.

No, my electric bill isn’t that high, I’m on level pay all year for it so it’s cheaper.

And no, my neighbors don’t hate me, in fact, almost everybody within a 10 mile radius LOVE the light show,

And no, I don’t have anything against people with epilepsy…. I just enjoy making my lights flash a lot 😉

15 thoughts on “The Skrillex Holiday Lights

  1. As an european, I don’t see the point in this.

    It looks so cheesy and not at all artistic. It’s not even christmassy.

    Just a seizure inducing nightmare light show.

  2. As a European, I don’t know much about dubstep, Skrillex or art, but I know what I hate. And, amazingly, I don’t hate this. It is SO mad and over the top, I like it. If you ave the skill and the LEDs, flaunt them. Go nuts! And a very Merry Christmas to you.

  3. sorry for the intrusion,

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  4. As an American I don’t see what being European has to do with anything. I think James Blake is crap but I don’t go comment on videos of him about it.

  5. OP thank for posting. Amazing light display. Looks like a lot of work went into it.
    No real complaints from me other than Shrillex tracks are over-limited 😛

  6. I was going to say that I preferred the “God rest ye merry, gentlemen” video that pitted Santa vs. Satan (well, actually a somewhat silly and incompetent demon named Pitch), but this is a great display! I’m not a fan of Skrillex or dubstep, but somehow that festive holiday cheer is seeping into everything and I am liking this quite a bit! Hohohoho indeed!! I haven’t felt this jolly since the last time I listened to Rob Halford’s Christmas album, I think!

    In fact, I like it so much that I think Chip Davis needs to watch it about 10,000 times as penance for recycling his (actually quite lovely) 1984 Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album for 25 years but making it slightly worse each time.

    1. Actually make that 27 years since there’s a new edition of said album(s), recorded with instruments rather than synthesizers. Sounds nice, but still recycled.

  7. Well if erudite Europeans and homophobic-slur-slinging white trash people are against it, then by default I am for this. Plus like the kid says, flashing lights are always good. Oh and I may not be a huge Skrillex fan, but if he pisses off old people then, once again, count me in. Hooray for kitschy Americana, hooray for Santa and Jesus and Hanukkah and iPads! “we wish you a Merry Christmas, (x3) if you don’t like it fuck off”! Lol

    Happy holidays and thanks synthhead!

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