Noisepad Drum Machine For iPad

Noisepad is a new drum machine app for the iPad. It lets you make beats, load up your own samples and sequence them and add effects.


  • Sound effects: Pitch . Delay . Phase . Cut-off . Reverb . Crush
  • Slider double tap: reset the effect to the off position
  • Soundbanks: samples & beats are organized into multiple sets
  • Cut: each sample cuts previous sample
  • L/R: switch the orientation to suit left or right handed
  • Tap: tap for the tempo of your effects
  • Volume: set the Noisepad volume separately from the device volume
  • Effects Dry / Wet: set effect strength from 0 to 100%
  • Audio output: output meter
  • In-App shop: download the latest samples from your favorite artists
  • Background music: play a track in iTunes and make some noise on the same device
  • Custom soundbank: upload your own samples using iTunes*
  • Supported sound formats: (.CAF / .WAV / .MP3 audio files, 22khz / 44khz / 48khz, stereo / mono ).

No mention is made of MIDI support.

NoisePad is currently $2.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used Noisepad, leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

7 thoughts on “Noisepad Drum Machine For iPad

  1. This shit wanna buy me a ipad instead of a mpc…Great stuff a firend of me had it yesterday something else than these complex things were you cant perform.

  2. a touch device for live performance? obviously this guy never sweats hehe

    but to be honest, the guy and the way the video was produced, made me dislike the app^^

    sorry guys ^^

    but beside that, i guess nearly music app has an mpc style drumpad nowadays, why would anyone need another drum machine?

  3. Totally disagree about the usefulness of this app. It’s really not a drum machine as much as a sample manipulator. The strength for me about it is how fast you add the pretty good effects to any sample you want to Import. That alone makes it work 😉

  4. You will find a lot drum machines apps but they do nothing more than play a sample on touch, this thing is slick and the effects and feel work like a charm. Most music apps have grappy designs or 10.000 functions without any good results. This thing comes nearest of all apps to the oldskool mpc feel playing with your own samples. Respect for the noisepad!!

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