Ableton Live Tips – How To Use Dummy Clips

This Ableton Live tip, via QuantizeCourses, takes a look at using dummy clips.

Dummy clips are essentially silent audio clips that contain automation for modulating the parameters of devices or the mixer inside Ableton Live. There are many ways to use dummy clips, but this tutorial focuses on creating DJ style volume cuts and jamming in some ideas ready to record into the arrange page.

2 thoughts on “Ableton Live Tips – How To Use Dummy Clips

  1. I have really been …. uh…. accelerated in my digital learning curve. Your videos are clear, intelligible and full of good info. Maybe beating my head against the manual, the tutorials etc. for the last couple of years has prepared me and made me ready to receive the message Great One, but receiving it I am. Thanks, Brad

  2. Wow, this was really cool. I’ve watched a lot of Ableton Live videos and this one really surprised me by showing me something I actually didn’t consider doing previously. Really clever and on top of that really useful. Thank you.

    Must go watch all the rest of the Quantize Courses now. ttyl!

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