Moog Minitaur Video Demo Will Shake Your Woofer

Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher has one of the first Moog MInitaur analog bassline synthesizers. In this video, Fisher does a nice overview of the Minitaur – but it really gets fun when the knob-tweaking kicks in.

Fisher calls the Minitaur “one of the most exciting new products we’ve seen from Moog in a long time.”

You can control it with CV, MIDI, or USB-MIDI, and it has an external audio input to run signals through the filter and modulation sections.

While the Moog Minitaur manufacturer’s price is $679, Sweetwater and others are listing it at $599.

via SweetwaterSound

7 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Video Demo Will Shake Your Woofer

  1. Immediately upon finding out about the Minitaur yesterday I emailed my salesperson at Sweetwater, Carson,. I can’t wait to get the Minitaur, because it will be a perfect compliment for my Slim Phatty that I purchased from them a few months ago.

  2. Now, interesting how it handles high notes. It’s called Bass synthesizer, but it’s like calling a set of paints “still life paints”.

  3. MPC2500, MOOG MInitaur = Too much Fun
    This would fit perfect in my new downsized set-up and can even play nice with iPad sequencers.
    I’m Very excited to get this in my possesion.

    1. I’d be interested to see Moog come out with a Moog iPad app that complemented this – doing patch management, adding sequencing, etc.

  4. There is some beating in the overtones when he turns up the volume of the second oscillator, but the volume of the fundamental really stays constant, so it seems that the relative tuning of the VCOs is very precise.

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