22 thoughts on “Reason Mobile Looks Nice, But…..

  1. Fuck yes they should do this!!!’ what a stupid question. Propellerheads, do it, do it, do it damn it!!! Do it yesterday already!!!!

  2. Chill out guys, this is not a real app, but just a slideshow – bunch of images without sound engine… It is demonstrated on Android that is not capable of real time note input to begin with 😉

  3. You have to wonder what Reason could add that a lot of the well evolved DAW apps don’t already do…NanoStudio, Beatmaker 2 etc replicate much of Reason’s functionality. Any shortcomings they already have in processing or screen estate would affect Propellerheads just as much. And they don’t have great form – getting Retronyms to code Rebirth had a ‘satisfactory’ result at best (on the iPad – bad reception on the iPhone). And they probably wouldn’t touch Reaon as it competes directly with Tabletop.

    If they really did do it, and came up with something really innovative in terms of interface and control, it could be a killer. If they compromised their great desktop app just to mirror what others have already done in iOS so well – essentially coasting on their brand name – it would not.

  4. The mockup simply does not fit the Propellerhead esthetic. If anything, Propellerhead should start by replicating their individual synths/ FX units for iOS so that you can create racks and patches on the go, which then can be imported into Reason. Two years ago would have been even better…

  5. Awesome concept. Im hoping that the processing power of portable devices will evolve fast enough to support a full version of reason with a simplified UI.

    Having worked with Rebirth, Animoog and iMaschine, i do see the value in being able to capture an idea while its fresh.

  6. What makes Reason cool is the rack. Being able to build sounds/instruments by stacking components and being able to flip the rack and patch the components into eachother just like a hardware rack. I feel like this could work on iPad, but on iPhone/iPod the screen real estate is just not there to do this efficiently. Who needs it when you’ve got Nanostudio?

  7. Of course they should make this. They should charge $4.99 for it as well. There is no limit to the number of fun toys I’d like to have to play with and this would certainly qualify. Bring it. 😉

  8. The reason I like Reason is that it’s a “batteries included” sort of program – complete in the box.

    With Tabletop, Retronyms seems to be trying to create the Johnny Long-Torso of music apps, though I suppose there is a bit of competition for the title.

    I expect the reason Propellerheads.se are waiting is that they haven’t figured out how to attach their dongle to an iPhone yet.

  9. I am an avid user of reasons and a mobile version would be great. I am considering buying caustic but I would much rather support a popellerhead product.

  10. FOr the IPAD yes, its gets slightly annoying having alot of functionality on a small object. Like the Maschine Drum app. Great app. works on both ipad and ipod but its better on ipod. But i thinkkkk it should be made for ipad instead!

  11. Well, its too late now. Cause Caustic beat Reason to their own style app and it kicks ass. I have been telling everyone about it. If you have not seen it or used it yet, it is just like the Reason rack with synts,tb303, drum machine,seqencer, mixer and effects and stuff.
    Fun as hell. I give it a 6 out of 5, I like it that much
    Download it and the Caustic pack #1 for cool free fun.

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