Caption This! The Real NAMM Show Experience Edition

NAMM Show strangeness

This photo captures the real NAMM Show experience – Feeltune’s Nicolas Piau demonstrates the new Rhyzome sequencer to a NAMM-goer.

We’d tell you what’s really going on in this photo – but we’ve either got a non-disclosure agreement or we just can’t remember because of sleep deprivation.

So let us know what you think – and Caption This!

19 thoughts on “Caption This! The Real NAMM Show Experience Edition

  1. Product guy: This preset here…gives you all trance sounds from the 90’s
    Paint Guy: Needs more doof doof doof.
    Guy With Cellphone: This is awesome, I’m using that sound on my next track (sends picture to hollywood studio)
    Girl behind Product guy: I am beginning to think this is not the home ware department.

    1. I bet he felt like one too when he found out none of the companies wouldn’t let him touch anything cause of all his stupid paint.

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