The MacBeth MicroMac At Winter NAMM 2012

Sonic State caught up with Ken MacBeth from MacBeth Studio Systems to get a look at his new analog synthesizers, the MacBeth MicroMac and the new Dot Com format synth.

Along the way, MacBeth gives the MicroMac a proggy workout and explains the normalized modular Dot Cam synthesizer module.

Check out MacBeth’s new synths and let us know what you think!

Also, make sure you check out Sonic State’s extensive video coverage of the NAMM Show – they do a fantastic job of it.

9 thoughts on “The MacBeth MicroMac At Winter NAMM 2012

  1. Hello synthesists,

    Look at your Minitaur. Now back to me. Now back at your Minitaur. Now back to me!

    Sadly, your Minitaur isn’t me.

  2. Cause he uses companies that are involved in military/arms manufacturing for his components.
    What a jolly man , and he promotes it on his site.
    Well done Ken. Nice and right wing!!!

    1. I can guarantee that whatever computer you are using right now has chips from TI or Motorola in it, which have WAY more ties to the military industrial complex than one boutique synth maker.
      God what a pathetic loser you are…

  3. After much debate between the Mopho, Minitaur, Micro Brute, I definitely think this will find a nice spot on my desktop. Damn that thing sounds rad!!!

  4. Micromac desktop will be priced at around £995, Vortex will be priced at around £1300. Euro and 5U modules will probably cost a bit less.

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