Roland Intros PK-6 MIDI Pedals

At the 2012 NAMM Show, Roland iintroduced the PK-6 Dynamic Pedalboard, a pedal MIDI controller that lets you control virtually any MIDI function using your feet.

Connect the PK-6 to any MIDI-compatible keyboard or sound module, and instantly add bass lines, harmonies, drum/percussion sounds, and even sound effects to your performances.


  • MIDI merge
  • PK out
  • External pedal jack
  • One-foot operation of four separate performance modes
  • 13 velocity-sensitive pedals
  • Transpose over a nine-octave tonal range.

The PK-6 will be available in April 2012.  Pricing is to come.

5 thoughts on “Roland Intros PK-6 MIDI Pedals

  1. Let’s enumerate the failings of that promotional video:

    – Looks like it was shot in a church basement. Or possibly an all-ages club.
    – Music straight out of a Health & Safety training video from 1997.
    – Video and lens flare effects reminiscent of your high school A.V. club’s finest efforts.
    – “Switch On The Excitment”? Are they marketing vibrators or pedalboards?

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