12 thoughts on “Sh** People Say To DJs

  1. when i used to play my live trance shows using Reason and some controllers. not dj’ing, i would always hear a few of the same things every now and then


    1. Hey can you play something with words.
    2. Hey can you got any skrillex/lady gaga, why not? (as i am applying a filter to my drum sequence)
    3. What are you doing?
    4. Can you play cha cha slide, my gurlz wanna hear cha cha slide,
    5. play some “nasty” dubstep with a “grimy” bass wob
    6. hey let me play some music for a minute bro (someone i dont know)

    im just glad these were mostly at house parties.

  2. I think it was Juan Atkins or Derrik May who said we only looked at the dj if the music stopped.
    I think the emphasis on the dj’s is seriously embarrasing.
    They play others music and play it safe so they don’t look daft . It is hilarious the ego element of djs, cause on one hand its very confident and on the other they are shy!! Scared to introduce anything freaky.
    Manchester has produced some great djs who didn’t give a fuck.
    Well done Peter Hook, for playing punk, to acid, to J.Division. Whilst the ultra smooth djs plays such ultra bland w’ank.
    The hacienda, and all the crews up North. The Von trap family in leeds, best acid/techno parties .Rather than being to cool for school’s these guys kept it freaky. Who gis a fuck for the ‘art ‘of mixing , hit us with the tunes not your fragile egos!!!

  3. How many years of practice does it take to play CDs at a club compared with learning to play an instrument?

    I agree with Dimitri Martin. “How to make any name sound less impressive? Put the letters DJ in front of it. DJ Abraham Lincoln.”

    Try some of your own at home…
    DJ Winston Churchill
    DJ David Bowie
    DJ Albert Einstein

    1. but if your name already has dj in it, you can do the opposite by adding a famous celebrity. For example, my new dj name is DJ Peter Abraham Lincoln.

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