Akai MPC Fly App Walkthrough

This video, via Skratchworx, captures a walkthrough of the upcoming Akai MPC Fly iPad app.

MPC Fly is basically an old-school MPC workstation for the iPad. It can work with our without the MPC Fly case, which adds hardware MPC control.

Projects built in MPC Fly can be imported to the desktop MPC software, but not vice versa.

10 thoughts on “Akai MPC Fly App Walkthrough

  1. It is nice that the app will work without the hardware, because I have yet to hear anything that justifies the hardware at all.

    Let’s just hope Retronyms doesn’t try to gouge on in-app purchases. iMaschine was kind of a disappointment, so there is definitely room for this incarnation of the MPC to take back some market share!

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    1. If the cover gives you velocity-sensitive pads I’d say it’s almost a necessity. Sure, you could still use it to trigger samples, but how are you gonna bang out a beat without some sort of velocity-sensitive pads? On that note…wonder whether there’ll be any midi support for other controllers.

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  2. Yea he said the price of it is going to be around 10, far under 10…. As I said in another post, it will probably cost 99 cents due to the developers who made tabletop, which we all know has a lot of IAP’s, this app could end up costing more than people would ever want it to.

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    1. Yeah, u will get scammed by the retro crew

      Here’s funny thing, they did rebirth for propellorheads and that was fine, likely this akai app will be too, but their tabletop SUX

      IT has poor sound quality and the fx are not worth the price, most apps come with fx built in at no extra cost

      Do not buy, I want my money back unless they give me MPC for free( with the in apps)

      I’m not paying for their beer and wine any longer

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  3. Yup

    Here is a guess

    Each Pad will be 1.99
    You might get 4 pads as free with the .99 version
    Sample import ? 4.99
    Save and export ? 4.99
    More tracks?4.99

    It has to end up just less than the hardware else nobody gets the hardware

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  4. Retronyms are developing this?

    Crap, then we will buy a basic app then be held hostage for tons of in app purchases

    Why the hell don’t they just charge one set price and have free updates? Almost everyone else does

    Damn crooks

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