Steve Roach Celebrates 30 Years Of Making Music

steve Roach in the Timeroom in 1982Synthesist Steve Roach is celebrating 30 years of making music this year.

Here’s what he has to say about the milestone in his career:

As surreal as it is to see 2012 on the calendar, this year marks the 30-year point from when I released my first recording “Now” as a self-produced and self-released cassette in 1982.

While so much has changed in this world since then, my desire and dedication to keep reaching deeper into to the mystery of the moment and shape the sands of time into these audible forms has never been stronger.

In the years since he released Now, Steve Roach has: created works that are classics of ambient music, like Structures From Silence; he’s released dozens of albums, including deep ambient soundscapes, pulsing ‘Berlin School via the Southwest’ electronica, and electronic world music compositions; and he’s collaborated with the likes of Robert RIch, Michael Stearns, Jorge Reyes, Michael Shrieve and others.

You can see what Roach and his ‘Timeroom’ studio looked like in 1982 in the photo above.

See the discography at Roach’s site for details on his releases and audio previews.

Image: Thomas Ronkin

2 thoughts on “Steve Roach Celebrates 30 Years Of Making Music

  1. I still have in my mind the beats from the Early Man album, i liked very much the trio Suspended memories, with Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes (RIP) and Suzo Saiz.

  2. Congratulations on 30 years of music, Steve!

    Roach has so many great albums! A personal favorite is Empetus, which is sort of his take on the Berlin School sound. If you get it, look for the double-CD version!

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