ADDAC System Intros New Eurorack Modules

ADDAC System Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

ADDAC System has introduced two new synth modules: the ‘uber fat’ analog VCO ADDAC701 and the ADDAC503 CV generator.

Here’s what ADDAC has to say about the new modules:

The ADDAC701 VCO is our first fully analog sound generator. It is based on the incredible design of the Mammoth oscillator and it promises to deliver high quality for both audio and control purposes. This module was originally conceived by our friend Kazike at Club of the Knobs, to whom we’d like to thank for his precious support in this awesome collaboration.

The ADDAC503 is a great digital control generator, which will have you creating magnificent and innovative synthesis based on newtonian physics. It simulates the physical behavior of a sphere submitted to gravity and acts very much like a marble on a board. We sure are having a lot of fun with this toy!


  • ADDAC701 VCO – 400,00 €
  • ADDAC503 – 330,00 €
See the ADDAC site for details.

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