Free Binaural Beat Generator For Mac OS X

free binaural beat generator for Mac

Developer Thomas Glendinning has released Binaural Beat Generator, a free Mac application, available in VST and AU plugin formats, that lets you explore binaural beats.

Binaural beats are a psychoacoustic effect that occurs when you listen to sounds of two slightly different pitches through headphones. For example, if a 300 Hz tone is played in one ear and 310 Hz in the other, then a binaural beat of the difference, 10 Hz, is heard.

Some ascribe physiological and psychological effects to binaural beats, calling them ‘digital drugs’.

Binaural Beat Generator is a free and open source app, downloadable from SourceForge.

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5 thoughts on “Free Binaural Beat Generator For Mac OS X

  1. Since it appears downloading the “zip” just gives us the VST version, am i to conclude this plug is not functional in garageband x??

  2. No matter where i put the plug in or the sonic birth nothing seems to open this join garage band have tried the ways the video shows as well as putting it in other places and this will not show up in garage band on the plug ins list . What to do am I missing something ?? would love a great beat generator .

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