Moog, Spectrasonics, Avid Among TEC Award Winners

The TEC Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to ‘recognizing and furthering excellence in audio, video, music and other communications media arts’ announced the winners of its annual TEC Awards at the 2012 NAMM Show.

The TEC Awards celebrate Technical Excellence & Creativity in audio, video, music and other communications media arts

Winners include Genelec, Eventide, Avid Pro Tools and Moog.

Here’s the presentation of the Musical Instrument Technology/Hardware award:

And here’s the presentation of the Musical Instrument Technology/Software award:

A complete listing of the 27th Annual TEC Award winners is included below.


Ancillary Equipment
Manley Labs MicMAID mic/preamp auditioner

Microphone Preamplifier Technology
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517

Studio Monitor Technology
Genelec  1238CF

Recording Devices
JoeCo BlackBox 2.1

Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects Technology
Eventide Space

Amplification Hardware/Studio & Sound Reinforcement
Lab Gruppen PLM 20000Q

Computer Audio Hardware
Avid Pro Tools | HD Native

Musical Instrument Technology/Hardware
Moog Slim Phatty Synthesizer

Musical Instrument Technology/Software
Spectrasonics Omnisphere v1.5

Signal Processing Technology/Hardware
Radial Engineering WR8 Workhorse

Signal Processing Technology/Software
Universal Audio Studer A800 tape recorder plug-in

Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Technology
Meyer Sound Labs MINA

Microphone Technology/Sound Reinforcement
Shure Beta 181

Microphone Technology/Recording
Royer Labs R-101

Wireless Technology
Shure PGX Digital Wireless

Workstation Technology
Avid Pro Tools 9

Sound Reinforcement Console Technology
Avid VENUE 2.9

Small Format Console Technology
Solid State Logic Nucleus

Large Format Console Technology
Solid State Logic AWS 948


Record Production/Single or Track
“Angel Dance”, Robert Plant

Record Production/Album
21, Adele

Tour Sound Production
Roger Waters. “The Wall Live” Tour, Clair

Remote Production/Recording or Broadcast
Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Live in Concert, NPR Music

Television Sound Production
Saturday Night Live, NBC

Film Sound Production
Inception, Warner Bros. Pictures

Interactive Entertainment Sound Production
Call of Duty: Black Ops , Activision Publishing

Studio Design Project
Jungle City Studios, New York City

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  1. How can the fairlight be up for a tech award? It’s a recreation of decades old stuff!

    Like every awards group, this is just a collection of self indulgent people treating themselves as if they were a whole lot more special than they actually are. And in the end, it promotes sales.

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