The NTH Music Synthesizer

Developers Kevin Holland and John Staskevich have officially introduced the  NTH Music Synthesizer, a ‘fun-to-use, sonically-rich, hackable music synthesizer’.

The Nth Music Synthesizer features digital oscillators, an analog low-pass filter, an integrated step sequencer and MIDI I/O.

Back in November, we had a sneak preview of the Nth Synthesizer. Now, Holland & Staskevich are planning a Kickstarter project to fund the production of the new synth, starting February 2, 2012. Upon successful funding, production of the NTH will begin and the design will be open-sourced.

Audio examples, product photos, and additional documentation can be found at the NTH website,


2 thoughts on “The NTH Music Synthesizer

  1. Hot damn, an analog filter? Looks like it might be trying to compete with the shruthi, although it seems to be less ashamed of being digital, which is nice. If the price is good i’ll almost certainly pick one up. Sound aside, it seems to have a pretty well developed sequencer that could be quite handy.

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