The VoltAxe Super-Furry Cyborg Franken-Controller

Julie Covello, aka DJ Shakey, wanted a unique DJ controller. So, she created the VoltAxe – a super-furry cyborg frankenthing.

CDM’s Peter Kirn describes Covello’s VoltAxe as “an explosion of color, buttons, keys, velcro, and fur, and coupled with a cyborg-chic eyepiece. The VoltAxe is controllerism gone Mad Max, a post-acocalyptic keytar bred from salvaged parts.”

The Voltaxe combines a Novation LaunchPad, Korg nanoKontrol MIDI controllers and an eyeglass video display that mirrors her laptop’s screen. Definitely the kind of setup you want if you’ve got a gig at the Thunderdome.

And where does the fur come in?

“In an effort to use the controllers without looking at them, I added textures to many of the keys so I could find them by touch (velcro, rubber, fur),” explains Covello.

CDM’s got details on Covello’s unique MIDI controller. Check it out and let us know what you think of this thing!

6 thoughts on “The VoltAxe Super-Furry Cyborg Franken-Controller

  1. $$$ if she plays “My Generation” and then goes all Pete Townshend on the gear, smashing it and jumping up and down on the wreckage.

  2. Apparently she has one of the few Korg nanoPAD controllers which hasn’t stopped working.

    I’m surprised that there isn’t room for an OP-1 somewhere on this conglomeration of devices…

  3. Adding textures is the coolest part of this. I wish more manufacturers would do that. It’s something I always appreciated and took for granted when playing guitars and keyboards, but was lost with the addition of modern electronic input devices. I have an Oxygen 88 and the black keys feel a bit “woody”… very cool.

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