Native Instruments Drops Traktor Kontrol S2 Price By A Third

Native Instruments has announced that it is dropping the prices of the recently introduced Traktor Kontrol S2 by a third through the end of March.

NI is reducing the price of the 2-deck controller to $449 / 399 EUR throughout February and March 2012. This is $220 / 200 EUR off the original retail price.

Traktor Kontrol S2 is a compact version of the NI’s Kontrol S4 hardware, offering a ‘2+1’ setup with sample decks as well as mixing features and effects.

Customers that purchased the Kontrol S2 shortly before this offer was announced will get an e-voucher worth $120 / 100 EUR towards any product at the NI Online Shop, including the upcoming Traktor controller.

5 thoughts on “Native Instruments Drops Traktor Kontrol S2 Price By A Third

  1. I just bought one for $450 from (name your own price, wow) – then coincidentally this happened. Got the S2 in the mail yesterday – wow. I was using a Vestax Spin and compared to the S2 it’s a toy. Traktor is such an upgrade beyond Djay it’s a joke to think Djay could be used out. I had the Spin for six months and was able to teach myself a lot on it, so I think it’s great for beginners, but with this price the S2 is a great second controller for bedroom DJs. Add in a MPD-18 and Lemur running on iPad and I finally have the professional setup I’ve seen on stage. Now I just have to learn how to use it all together… The S2 alone controls so much in Traktor though, there’s no need for bells and whistles – this has all the ones you’ll need. And at $450, it’s an unbeatable price.

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