The Adventures Of Captain Sausage (Vintage Electronic Music Studio Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: The Adventures of Captain Sausage is another vintage electronic music studio jam, via Atomic Shadow.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

A short improvisation featuring processed audio from a really bad Sci-Fi movie, HP and BK sine wave generators, ring modulators, tape echo, various effects, and a dash of reverb.

I love how Atomic Shadow’s music videos explore the aesthetic of ‘mid-century electronica’ – vintage gear, lab coat and all – but from a sort of ‘alternate future’ perspective.

4 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Captain Sausage (Vintage Electronic Music Studio Jam)

  1. Dear Mr Shadow (or may I call you “Atomic”?)

    Love your music. Please could you film a guided tour of your gear, preferably reproduced in 405 lines?

    Yours sincerely,


  2. I can’t believe I finally made it on to Synthtopia. Now if I could be featured on BoingBoing I could die feeling that my life has been fulfilled. Thank you Mr. Synthtopia.

    I have a shaky video on the same YouTube page that shows more of the gear. Not all of course. There are things off camera that are closely held secrets that cannot be discussed outside of the lab.

    There is an upcoming album release, March 1st.

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