Impossible Synth Jam – Grind Out

Sunday Synth Jam: Check out this live performance of Grind Out by reader Gil Assayas.

Here’s what Assayas has to say about his multitasking performance:

All the sounds you hear are played live at the same time in one take, without the help of a sequencer, playback or any sort of loop.

An experiment in coordination – all sounds were played live at the same time, no playbacks or loops.

Drums and bass with the left hand using two controllers, leads and pads with the right hand on a Roland Fantom G7.

This main goal of this performance was to challenge myself – sequencers are great but can make us lazy, and this gave me a reason to practise!

He doesn’t mention this, but we suspect that Assayas is actually using his feet to surf the web or post comments on YouTube or something.

Check out this Assayas’ synth jam and let us know what you think of it!
By: Gil Assayas

7 thoughts on “Impossible Synth Jam – Grind Out

  1. Multitasking and music are so strange. I can play guitar and carry on a conversation. When I play bass, I have a hard time uttering a sentence without losing the groove. I play them both at about the same level (advanced intermediate), and have played both since the 70s.

    All that to say, this is an impressive video.

  2. excellent work. Get rid of the microphone and get yourself a headset.

    I too am a one handed keys player. Your co ordination is impressive.


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