Korg Poly 800 Demo By Alex Juno

Reader Paul Bowen tipped us off to his new Korg Poly 800 demo video.

Here’s what he has to say about the Poly 800:

The Korg Poly 800 is a much maligned synth, yes, it’s built out of cardboard, yes, the parameter resolution is about 5-bit, yes, it only has 1 filter for all 8 dco’s, but the thing sounds beautiful! Some folks seem to think that it sounds like a $10 casio but i hope in my video demo that i can prove otherwise 🙂

All sounds in this video, except for the drums, come from the Poly 800, moderate effects have been used, delay/reverb/distortion, in places, however the chorus is built in to the unit.


– Big Beautiful Digi-Analogue Pads and Polysynth sounds
– Phat moog-style Basses and Leads
– Bullying isn’t Cool Kids!
– Roses
– Dirty Techno
– Pimp-ass Dancing
– Stupid facial expressions are optional

You’ll probably be asking yourself why official demo videos aren’t more like this – until techno Mussolini rears his head.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Korg Poly 800 Demo By Alex Juno

  1. Love it – I use a Poly 800 II as a keytar in my band and it sounds damn good and looks a lot better than a cheesy keytar with a neck. I’m desperately looking for a reverse-key edition.

  2. The Poly 800 was my very first synth. Now I mostly use plugins. To be honest, every freeware plug has more capabilities than the Poly 800. I can’t also recognize any special charme which makes this an outstanding synth. However, I had some fun with it.

  3. every poly-800s i’ve met required about that much in repair work. same with the polysix. but if you can find one of those, or a poly-61 in working condition, you can get a lot out of them. i’ve developed a thing for old casios too.

  4. Awesome synth, my first poly, can’t believe what I paid for it!
    Mine is long gone but I still have the rare rack mount version!

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