Native Instruments + Steve Lawler Intro Dark Pressure Maschine Expansion

Native Instruments has introduced Dark Pressure, a new Maschine Expansion that was created with DJ and producer Steve Lawler and sound design house Loopmasters.

Dark Pressure includes 42 kits with over 200 corresponding pre-programmed patterns – many created by Steve Lawler himself, providing building blocks for the production of muscular electronic music. This is also the first Maschine Expansion to include 64 pre-sliced percussion loops for ‘instant remixing’.

The Expansion integrates with existing Maschine sound libraries and also contains 5 demo projects that showcase the library.

NI also announced an add-on version of Dark Pressure for iMaschine – the groove sketchpad for iPhone / iPod Touch.

Dark Pressure is available now for $59 / 49 EUR. The iMaschine add-on is available as an in-app purchase for $.99 / 0.79 EUR.

3 thoughts on “Native Instruments + Steve Lawler Intro Dark Pressure Maschine Expansion

  1. With a name like sausage jockey, no wonder u come out with a crap statement like that, meant to incite arguments and counter arguments which seem to be frequent at present

    Nothing wrong with lawler, good producer and dj, and this video was fine, didn’t smack of egotism to me

    Perhaps mr sausage is jealous?

  2. Seems a bit pricey for a few old sounds. Then again I was never into the whole Machine thing – just looks like a USB dongle to me.

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