French Synth Jam With Balls

Sunday Synth Jam: Vincent from Smutty Quire let us know about this music video for their track Balls. 

The group has a synth-heavy rock sound:

With two friends of mine we started a electronic live band, the idea was pretty much to get rid of computer and play for real, so we gathered the few hardware we had and made some noise at first… we finally added a guitare but that was it, some kind of digital rock.

See the video opener for gear details!

6 thoughts on “French Synth Jam With Balls

  1. That is something I would love to see more of – rock music but, all synth, loose the guitars completely. This would be distinctly different from what is mostly done today which is a single DJ or a duo doing dance oriented stuff or the industrial/ebm dark stuff. A good, old-fashioned rock quartet but with electronic instruments doing stuff that feels more rock than club.

  2. Ok….let me assume, in describing my first gut reaction to this vid, that I am looking at a Rorschach Test……what do I hear……

    It’s a smeared aural inkblot consisting of the shed blood of Killing Joke, Gary Numan, punk spirit and garage band bravado.

    Keep it up guys !

  3. Love the singer, love the concept, but no offense… this song just really isn’t that good. The guitar part in particular is killing it for me. Keep the guitar but write better stuff with it.

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