Free Master FX Rack For Ableton Live

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AfroDJMac has released Master FX Rack, a free Ableton Live rack feature effects that are useful for making song transitions and general song mangling:

 I use this rack to do high and low pass filtering, add some reverb, bit crush the signal a bit, and put a subtle flanger over the mix for movement. It also has a control for a beat repeater, which is nice for glitches and stutters. And the final component is a combination high pass filter and delay. As you turn up that knob, the signal is simultaneously hi passed with a delay on top. Turn it all the way up and you only hear the delay and none of the original tracks.

See the AfroDJMac site for details and the download.

5 thoughts on “Free Master FX Rack For Ableton Live

    • The guy is giving stuff away for free, and yet you still complain. THIS MUST BE THE INTERNET! Apropos nickname, btw.

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  1. Tanks. This is good helpful stuff. I’m using it and so I can crew around on my tracks while they playing live as I do no my car.

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