The Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Video Preview)

Reader Jason sent us this look at the Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) synthesizer, noting the Telemetry’s key features:

Pure analogue voice circuitry. Suitcase style design. 22×22 matrix pin panel. Rugged Steel construction. Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle. Stuffed full of electronics. No front panel space is wasted. Joystick, retro-VU meter, MIDI, jack socket patch points, more, more, more!

This video features various sound types from the Telemetry synthesizer, each within a musical context (beats added). All synthesizer sounds come from the Telemetry and all of the sounds were tweaked live in the video, and recorded direct.

Some sounds were sequenced or played live via MIDI, while others were triggered via the Uewerkuer “Ice Machine Sequencer” [ Oberkorn MK3 ].


  • MIDI-CV converter: pitch, auxiliary CV outputs, and Gate.
  • VCO1: CV In, PW In, Sawtooth Out, Square Out.
  • VCO2: CV In, PW In, Sync In, Saw Out, Square Out, 3x Sub VCO Outs.
  • VCLPF: 2x Sig In, 2x CV In, VCA CV In, Sig Out. Moog style transistor ladder filter.
  • VC LFO1: Saw, Inverted Saw, Square, Triangle outs, Freq CV In.
  • LFO2: Triangle and Square Outs.
  • Sample And Hold: Sig In, Clock In, Sig Out.
  • White Noise
  • Envelope: Trig In, Normal and Inverted Outputs. EMS style repeat feature.
  • X/Y non-sprung Joystick
  • 10×10 signal matrix Patch Panel
  • 10 Shorting pins included

See the Analogue Solutions site for more info.

5 thoughts on “The Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Video Preview)

  1. Sounds great, but what a pity so much of the video is in arty-farty monochrome when the gizmo looks so good in colour. My father fought and died in three world wars to give you miserable kids colour TV, and this is how you repay him?

    I’ll never own one of these, but it gives me something to aim for in my own builds. Thanks.

  2. Whats that grid matrix thing with the pegs? From what I can tell is that it’s like a quick patch you can make. It would be interesting if you could implement that with a VA.

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