The Kraftwerk MoMA Tickets Blues

Last week, we brought you the news of Kraftwerk’s series of eight concerts at MoMA, performing each of their eight albums on eight consecutive nights.

Best week ever, right? Except that everybody else thought the same thing.

And the ticket site was completely overwhelmed. And if you could get through, you could only get tickets for one night – the night they do The Mix.

Above, you can enjoy the Kraftwerk Tickets Blues, via lorinyc.

The Kraftwerk MoMA ticket incident even got a reaction from Hitler:

“MoMA will load the concert with VIP douchebags….a sea of sniveling man-children, taking Instagram photos, talking over the band during the quiet parts!”

6 thoughts on “The Kraftwerk MoMA Tickets Blues

  1. I was pretty miffed at the whole thing. Concert series of a lifetime ending up like this. Half the VIPs probably won’t even stay for the entire concert.

  2. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll release a DVD boxset of the concerts just in time for the Holiday Shopping Season.

    It’s clear these concerts are more of a publicity stunt to promote merchandise than to really play for a big audience since they could have just as easily played at MSG and probably still sold out.

  3. Saw them live in NYC in the late 90’s. We drove 8 hours to see it. Definitely wasn’t as much hoopla about it then as there is now. Don’t think the show even sold out. But it was great to see.

  4. I was one of the idiots pressing the reset on my browser yesterday, like a lab rat in a strange experiment. It actually crossed my mind to use the phone. But I didn’t, dammit! I was at the 2005 Kraftwerk NYC concert at the Hammersmith Ballroom, and getting tickets to that wasn’t a problem. So, dum me, I figured I should be able to get into two nights no problem – I picked Computer World and The Mix (I actually like The Mix). I should have used the phone! It’s so 21st century! And this is the second time in a month I have been burned trying to get tickets on line for a NYC concert – the last time was for Bruce Springsteen (apologies, I promised my spouse these tickets). Oh well, I guess I will go to Ticket Liquidators and pick up one of those tickets for 43000USD…….

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