Yamaha Intros Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF

Yamaha Motif XF Cloud Audio RecorderYamaha has introduced a new iOS app, Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF (App Store link), that lets you record MOTIF XF sound via Wi-Fi. In effect, it turns your iOS device into a peripheral for the Motif XF.


  • Recording & Share
  • Digital recording of MOTIF XF (44.1KHz, 16bit) via Wi-Fi.
  • Each recording max is 30 minutes.
  • Share it on SoundCloud.
  • Copy & Paste audio files between iOS apps (AudioCopy)

Wave Edit

  • Easy wave editing function (trimming, normalizing)

Note:  You need MOTIF XF v1.30 or later. Please see MOTIF XF v1.20 manual to connect via Wi-Fi.

This looks like a creative repurposing of iOS for Motif XF users. If you’re a Motif XF user and you give this a try, let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Yamaha Intros Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF

  1. I would love to try this app om my Motif XF, but Yamaha has not made it available to Norwegian users. None of the apps Yamaha has made for the XF is available in our AppStore and I find it very annoying.

  2. I am not entirely sure what you mean by localized, but it´s not available in the Appstore.
    It has apparently something to do with Norway not having EU membership, and thus Yamaha have to make some small effort to make it available. They have been notified by several norwegian players, but seem not to care. I will think twice next time before buying a Yamaha product.

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