New Album, Twelve Full Moons, Explores The Sound Of ‘Yesterday’s World Of Tomorrow’

Hollow Sun Records has released Twelve Full Moons, by Atomic Shadow, an album that explores the sound of ‘yesterday’s world of tomorrow’.

Atomic Shadow’s debut album explores the potential of the vintage electronic music studio for creating new music:

With his wall of genuine retro hardware, much of it dating back to the 40s and 50s and stuffed with tube/valve test oscillators, sine and square wave generators, equalisers, analogue filters, reel-to-reel tape machines, oscilloscopes, mixers, tape and bucket brigade delays and more, Atomic Shadow weaves a tapestry of beguiling, if challenging, textures that is true to the spirit of the early pioneers.

Dark, moody and bordering on ambient IDM in places with its squealing tubes and non-linear distortions, Atomic Shadow’s soundscapes invoke truly authentic vintage electronica, warts, lab coat and all.

The album features twelve tracks, each recorded on the full moon of a different month of the year. You can preview the first track, January – New Year’s Moon, above.

Twelve Full Moons is available for £5 for a digital download via the Hollow Sun site.

3 thoughts on “New Album, Twelve Full Moons, Explores The Sound Of ‘Yesterday’s World Of Tomorrow’

  1. It’s refreshing to see… a grown-up at work? Like, one gets rather tired of seeing so much youth-centric music or even ‘the next new thing’ . Nothing wrong with youth and youthful music and new things, just that a seeming popular culture obsession with it crowds so much else out of the picture. Instead, this piece and its presentation somehow makes a case for being an adult. Plus, it’s funny to see a wall of equipment that makes a modular synth enthusiast like myself think I’m not aiming high enough ;p

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