Free Bass Synth, The Boog Minotaur, Looks A Little Familiar

Reader aymat alerted us to the Boog Minotaur, a free analog modeling bass synth VST for Windows.

It looks vaguely familiar – almost like somebody was trying to clone the Moog Minitaur in SynthEdit.

Like the real thing, it can make notes that are low. And as aymat told us, “If you can’t afford a real one, this thing’s not half bad.”

Check out the Boog Minotaur analog modeling bass synth – before they get a cease-and-desist letter – and let us know what you think! It’s available for download at

6 thoughts on “Free Bass Synth, The Boog Minotaur, Looks A Little Familiar

  1. More importantly, how do I pronounce it?

    Is it “B-ooo-G” or is it “B-oh-G” ?

    (I’m sure the lawyers will want to know!)

  2. If any lawyers want to know; this is a Synthedit plugin from a no budget project – Like we say in holland; you can’t pluck froma bald chicken 😉

  3. “before they get a cease-and-desiste letter”

    Why not download Synthedit and make it yourself – great starter project! You’ll learn loads!

    1. I forgot to say that these were released just after the Monotribe and Minitaur were first shown at the Namm in 2011 and 2012. I thought it was really nice to be able to “try” them so quickly after being publicly unveiled. I also with they’d be available as VSTs.

      Enphasis on “try” because I know they don’t sound the same as their hardware counterpart, but it gives a really good idea of how to manipulate them.

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