New Logic Pro Control App For The iPad, lpTouch

Harmony Systems has introduced lpTouch, an iPad controller app for Logic Pro.

lpTouch is designed to provide touch screen controls for Logic’s commonly used functions. With lpTouch & Wi-Fi, you can control record and playback from anywhere in your studio, edit your software instruments, or adjust effects settings.


  • Transport controls on all screens, including metronome, cycle and replace-record
  • Track name and number shown
  • Adjust each track’s volume with multi-touch faders; values displayed
  • Edit pan and up to 5 send levels; value displayed
  • Edit software instrument parameters; parameter values displayed
  • Select, mute, solo and record enable any track
  • Enable/bypass and edit parameter settings up to 12 insert effect plugins
  • Adjust master volume & 3 Aux channels
  • Dedicated EQ screen mimics Logic’s Channel EQ editing capability
  • “LCD” displays timecode & bar-beat playhead location
  • Move Loop Cycle location, or navigate by Markers
  • Reset Solo to Off on all tracks
  • Set automation mode per track
  • Double tap most faders and rotaries to return to default position
  • Preference settings: disable iPad sleep mode (Autolock); faders “jump on touch”; choose vertical rotary manipulation


  • iPad running iOS 5
  • Apple Logic Pro 9.1.6 or higher music application installed on your Mac
  • Wi-Fi access to Mac running Logic
  • iPad Bluetooth must be set to OFF to insure reliable communications

lpTouch is available now for $4.99 in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “New Logic Pro Control App For The iPad, lpTouch

  1. I just loaded it up and it feels more like operating a piece of hardware compared to TouchOSC…. but apart from that they’re pretty similar. I get the feeling I’ll be switching to this though.

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