Live Dubstep Controllerism Routine

Sunday Synth Jam: This is a live dubstep controllerism routine by Bandesnaci.

“No loops, no pre-recorded patterns, just buttons, samples and a little practice, ” notes Bandesnaci.

“The track is called Waking Up“, adds Bandesnaci. “It’s the first of my productions to be sampled and chopped into little bits and one shots for the purpose of live performance.”

16 thoughts on “Live Dubstep Controllerism Routine

  1. Sick man! I’d love to see what your Live template looked like for that. I’ve recently started performing Ableton sets and I’ve been looking for ways to improve my sets and make them more of a performance than just triggering songs and throwing on some effects

  2. How is a repeating vocal recording that’s been beat-sync’d to a drum pattern not a “pre-recorded patten” ? And how is the 16th note HH pattern that begins at 0:49 not a pre-recorded loop ? Be it a midi loop or audio, you’re obviously not playing that part live. It’s a cool track, I like it. But the performance execution is not exactly how you describe it below the video.

  3. The second you label something Dubstep your exposed. Like saying bad ass dunk in a garbage can. Vocal is nice, and also when the song ends.

  4. From Youtube: RE: loops—–>

    When you say ” no loops” you mean no loops cept for the hats and the synths and the bells? Also how do you like drumming on the launchpad with no? velocity settings? Seems to work out pretty nicely for you.
    whywaitforit 3 days ago

    @whywaitforit No.? I mean “no loops at all”. I trigger hats with every bass drum and snare (about 3 or 4 of them). So me not drumming = no hats. The bell sample is of a fixed length and doesn’t loop – just like the voice samples. The synths: Watch my left hand closely in the first half and you’ll notice I’m actually triggering each note separately. As for velocity, having it would make my playing uneven. When playing samples like this, most performers disable it. Think before you hate, please.
    Bandesnaci 3 days ago

    1. I think this is a beautiful tune which manages to sidestep some of the more annoying dubstep clichés. also brilliantly performed, but personally I don’t care if you used loops or not, you’ve only got ten fingers ffs. surely by looping some parts it frees you up to be more creative and spontaneous with other parts.

  5. i think this is good. dubstep is a bit overdone these days but the fact that this is his own material he is reworking live is credible and impressive, waaay better than some dj sick danker phat mc grimey mixing two tracks together acting like hes a superstar.

    id say this is respectable skill

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