Hinton Instruments Intros ModMix, GH1 Amp For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Hinton Instruments has introduced two new modules for Eurorack modular synthesizers:

  • ModMix is an 18HP Euro synthesizer compatible module comprising two 4:1 audio/CV mixers, two linear multipliers (balanced modulators) with AC/DC coupling and a white and pink noise source. Sum and difference outputs are also available. Consider it like a Minimoog centre mixer with a ring modulator, then doubled. ModMix may be used anywhere to expand the number of audio or modulation inputs on any module.  Shipping now, direct sales only: £295 (+VAT in EU).
  • The GH1 Precision Amplifier is a microphone/line amplifier in Euro module format. Up to fourteen 6HP standard modules will fit in a 3U Eurocard rack with rear mounted PSU and multiway connectors. Non-standard phantom voltages may be provided, including T-Power. Each module has two independent line drivers intended for recording and monitoring. Pairs of modules may be used for M/S decoding or encoding, fixed or switched, and in this mode one output preserves the input, enabling M/S recording and L/R stereo image monitoring. Other features include soft phantom switching, dual input impedance and our CLEAR led bargraph display.  Prices are from £300 per module plus enclosure, PSU, connectors and wiring.

See the Hinton site for details.

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