28 thoughts on “Nord Introducing Something New At Musikmesse 2012

  1. Nord Modular G3!

    I’m not betting on it, nor am I holding my breath for it, but lord knows I want it so bad that I’m willing to be good to get it.

    Please! If its not yet a Nord Modular, at least start making one immediately, so we could get one in 7 years(G2 came 7 years after G1)!!!

  2. so many good comments:) i would also say itยดs the new modular but it would be to good to be true.
    it could well be a desktop analog module. there is apparently a serious market right there. looks the size too.

    anything else is a downer.

  3. The picture suggests a keyboard, probably some product update/upgrade. However, a software modular (both plugin and stand alone) would be very cool and that could just be a controller…

      1. they have released a free basic modular G2 softsynth,could be a clue,could be for market research to see how popular it could be.

    1. Its a bit hard to debate this topic now. Every single method of sound generation has pretty much been put out there, usually in several forms. You can have a real Moog or a zillion clones in hardware or software. When you can even turn pictures into harmonic data, all that’s really left is better stability and more accessible GUIs. Nord sure offers those. A Wave is a big-commitment instrument, but it won’t play itself. You’re a big boy/girl, so you know what you really need/want the most. Their Modular aside, Nord is about hands-on performance synths. Whatever they release, you can at least be sure it’ll have a high playability quotient.

  4. Just to clarify, I didn’t mean I *wanted* them to release an iNord… just that I think they will. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Personally, a G3 is a fervent dream.

  5. The arpeggiator on the Stage 2 coupled with the Wave sound engine was a clear indication that a new Wave was round the corner. We can probably assume that the Wave 2 will have at least the same arpeggiator functionality and increased sample RAM as the Stage 2. Anything else is a bonus.
    Fungo McGurk makes an interesting point about more accessible GUIs.

    I don’t think I’m alone in feeling distrustful of Clavia’s teaser campaigns, after their “Countdown to Ecstasy!” headline turned about to be an Electro 3 with hammer action keys, key release samples and tap-tempo delay. I imagine the Nord Drum was exciting for those who like synthesized drums.

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