New Mobile Music Production Studio, Smart Studio A

Developer SS Series has released a new mobile DAW for iOS, Smart Studio.

Smart Studio includes a digital sampler, drum machine and mobile recording studio. 


  • Recording Studio
    • 4 Track Recording Interface + Instrumental
    • Sample Recording / Full Length Song Recording
    • Universal SoundBank
    • Sample Bouncing
    • Volume Mixers
    • Latency Detection/Compensation (within 1ms)
    • Audio Import/Export
    • Lyrics Notepad
    • Album Cover
    • Audio Bouncing for Infinite Recording Layers
  • Sequencer (Beat Machine)
    • 300+ Drums and Samples
    • Universal SoundBank
    • Loop Bouncing + Live Automation Recording
    • 16 to 64 Steps (4 Bars) Looping
    • Latency Detection/Compensation (within 1ms)
    • Adjustable Tempo (50-200 BPM)
    • Adjustable Pads for Independent Volume Levels
    • Adjustable Pads for Custom Time Signatures
    • Mono/Poly/Gate Settings
    • Volume mixers
    • Audio Bouncing for Infinite Track Layers
    • Wifi Import/Export
  • Digital Sampler
    • Dynamic Touch-Play Interface
    • Universal SoundBank
    • Audio Sampling/Truncation
    • Pitch-Shift
    • Automatic Cue Detection/Cue Movement
    • Wave Visualization
    • 7 Zoom Modes
    • Granulation scratching
    • Realtime Recording of Automations
    • Metronome
  • Audio Store
    • 150+ drums and samples
  • Sharing
    • Wifi exportation

Smart Studio A is US $14.99 in the App Store. See the Smart Studio site for audio demos.

Note: It looks like this is designed for iPhone/iPod touch, but compatible with iPad.

One thought on “New Mobile Music Production Studio, Smart Studio A

  1. Audio copy? Midi support? Synths? … no? This is nowhere near feature parity with the other “DAW”s in its price range.

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