Propellerhead Figure First Look

Here’s a quick look, from Musikmesse 2012, at Propellerhead Figure, the company’s new app for iOS, via Nick at Sonic State.

Propellerhead Figure is based on the Reason audio engine, but offers a cut down feature set that focuses on the idea of mobile beat making.

It’s not a tablet version of Reason – but Propellerhead probably wouldn’t price it at $1 if it were.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

19 thoughts on “Propellerhead Figure First Look

  1. What a disappointment.
    Was led to believe this would bereason on an ipad with Maelstrom, Thor etc in a usable sequencing package, remembering that the original reason was designed to run on laptops less powerful than Ipad.
    This has ruined my day, with the high hopes i had on initial press release dashed.
    their sleek ergonomic reductionism has streamlined the art ,craft, soul and magic of musicmaking to the monotonous , anti autonomous blip of programming a washing mashine.

  2. I’d be patient, rumour has it they are testing the market and actually something more substantial has been in the works for some time

    Don’t worry, we have Auria to look forward too and the grain science update is amazing

  3. What a disappointment indeed…. I have no idea why would Props release crap like this.
    It’s even more puzzling, because they read their own forums and know exactly how much their customers want and desire Reason for iPad…

  4. This looks fun, brings some diversity into the Prop’s portfolio, and could take some interesting directions in the future. I still think folks who want DAW-lite on their iPad are missing the point.


  5. OK so it’s not Reason on an iPad. But what it actually is looks extremely exciting to me, especially for 99¢ it’s pretty awesome!

  6. wow, after watching the vid i’m kinda bummed. its more like korgs kaossilator than reason. I mean. i will def get some use out of it, it just seems like reason is such a great match for the ipad. i really hope this is the beginning of their development, instead of a dissapointing end.

  7. It’s a one dollar app, people! Ruined your day? How can a one dollar app ruin your day. If they have put in all the devices, ported the interface, and made a sequencer… but then charged 50 dollars for it, would have not ruined your day? I lose more than a dollar through the cushions while napping on my couch. Get it and play with it before ruining your day, at least.

  8. “this has ruined my day, with the high hopes I had on initial press release dashed”

    Seems some people can’t understand the use of a clarification phrase after a comma to contextualise the previous statement. Talk about attention deficit.
    Fanboys , I was with you .I was excited at the news that innovative Propellerheads were bringing their powerful Reason to the Ipad,I rushed to watch the first video with the hope that this would be my new main music making tool in the future….
    the higher the expectations the further the fall it seems.
    If my initial reaction seems OTT, go write a song about it….oh hang on…where are the the chords?
    The cost of the app is irrelevant to the expectations of a major industry player moving into IOS,
    Crap is crap whatever the price, and some good apps are free.

    1. No, even with contextual clarification you still sound like a douchebag with entitlement issues prone to overreaction.

  9. For sure, it is not Reason, and some can be desappointed about this fact.
    But… It seems to be more a ikaossilator like, with differents sounds, wich can be pretty fun too. Ikaossilator is very intuitive, very fun, and a very creative music tool with the ipad. It is really easy to make a nice beat, just play with it, or export it directly in another app like isequence or nanostudio, wich could be also very interresting for the creativity.
    Well, for around one dollar (less than one euro then), wich is nothing (!) this is a really pretty good price for have fun with the touch of the ipad.
    I hope this is the begining of Propellerheads on the ipad for sure, but whatever, it is a nice present from they. Thanks Propellerheads 🙂
    Well… Get and enjoy !

  10. I’ll be having it anyway.
    Don’t think i would like to deal with reason on iPad. Think it would just be laborious on a touchscreen. I do like the simple fun that this would enable me to have in the back of a bus or train, and if there would be a way to link to ReBirth you could create some nasty sounding tunes.
    Amazing what can be created when you are restricted to very little.

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